Elder Care Services

Wick Law Group offers a unique combination of compassionate guidance and knowledgeable, integrated, and reasonably-priced legal advice and advocacy.


Our founder, attorney David W. Wick, combines insights gained from personal experience helping his mother during  the aging process with his technical legal skills and knowledge learned and practiced over thirty years to form a unique elder law practice.  We offer creative legal solutions for families and small businesses.   At Wick Law Group, we believe that while the aging process can diminish a person’s control, planning can empower a person.


We offer coordinated legal services, with the assistance of an occupational therapist, and social worker:


  1. to individuals of all ages who plan for potential future incapacity;
  2. to small businesses who desire to provide tax-advantaged employee benefits concerning caregiving and long-term care;
  3. to those who are facing the inevitable onset of disability and complicated government benefits such as Medical Assistance, Veteran’s benefits, or Social Security benefits; and
  4. to individuals who desire to engage in comprehensive traditional estate planning and tax planning.

Our extensive experience guiding clients through the apparent muddle of choices surrounding aging issues has shown us that most benefit programs like Medicare and Medical Assistance are regulation-driven rather than focusing on the needs of the patient.  Instead we have designed our services primarily to place our client’s desires, aspirations and needs first.  Planning should empower clients to retain as much control and dignity as is possible.

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