Our Process

Our Planning Process

If you are planning for a potential future disability or a prognosis of a worsening disability and considering legal issues that may affect you or a loved one, it can be confusing, upsetting and an emotional time.  Government bureaucracies, forms and benefits based on regulations and procedures can be intimidating and baffling.  Clearly, these administrative mazes are not patient-centered and often add to stress our clients already feel.


Patience with Clear Answers, No Confusion

Our planning process, developed over 30 years of practicing law, involves simple and concise steps to guide you through the complexities of our legal and health care systems.  The process begins with a short confidential questionnaire and a meeting with our attorney.  Based on the questionnaire and our interview, we determine what your needs are and what options are available to you.   Sometimes laws can be confusing.  We will take the time needed to make sure that you understand each aspect of your Plan.


Your Game Plan for AgingTM

Next, our team works with you to develop your Game Plan for AgingTM which is based on each client’s preferences, informed decisions, needs and goals.  Your Game Plan acts as a guide for you and your selected caregivers to transition through the many stages of aging:  from retirement income planning and housing transitions to planning for the cost of care – both acute care and long-term care.


Plan Implementation

We will assist with every step of implementing your plan, making application for government benefits, if appropriate, and transferring titles if necessary for your Game Plan for Aging.TM  You can rest assured that we want your Plan to work as much as you do and will assist you as you desire.


Plan Maintenance

People, laws, and circumstances change.  Sometimes it becomes necessary to change your Game Plan for AgingTM in the middle of the aging process.  For a modest annual fee, we offer our unique Private Client Service to our clients who desire to ensure that their Plans are kept up-to-date and current to changing times.  If you are interested, please inquire when you meet with our attorney.


At each stage, our team provides Clear Answers and No Confusion.  Often we go over legal concepts and options repeatedly with clients.  We are happy to do this because we strive to ensure that our clients understand what their options are.  We strive to allow our clients to control the course of action for their own aging process.


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