Our multi-disciplinary team at Wick Law Group is dedicated to helping our clients age with as much control and dignity as possible, while simultaneously ensuring that appropriate safety measures are in place when necessary.  We have a senior attorney, affiliated social worker, geriatric care manager and long-term care specialist who all can assist our clients with issues from obtaining government benefits, assisting with making housing decisions, assisting with mobility issues, and helping our clients transition their financial and medical decision-making to their chosen caregivers.  Our team members each bring significant professional experience to bear on behalf of each client.  Clicking on a team member’s name, listed below, will bring you to his or her Bio.


David W. Wick, Esquire

David W. Wick, Esquire

David W. Wick, Esquire Mr. Wick, our founder, mentor, and senior team member has provided legal services to individuals, families, and small businesses for more than 30 years.  He has helped clients obtain government benefits, advocated on behalf of clients during appeals of Medical Assistance denials, trained lawyers and other professionals in elder law, and […]


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