Your Game Plan for Aging ™

While revocable living trusts are often said to provide simple, convenient, flexible, private administration of an individual’s affairs during any period of disability or incompetence prior to death, Wick Law Group believes such advantages are largely ignored by estate planners.  In order to provide clients with a more comprehensive disability plan, Wick Law Group has developed a more complete disability plan we call the Game Plan for Aging™.  This tool provides guidelines for caregivers to follow should one of our clients ever become so disabled that her or she is not able to manage his or her affairs.

Our planning team helps guide our clients, and their caregivers,  towards our client’s choice for housing, where to receive care, what types of care they desire, end-of-life wishes, carefully tailored goals for financial management, methods of preserving their governmental benefits, if any, and other matters often arising during disability.   Our team strives to individualize each of our client’s Game Plan for Aging™ to their unique situations.   A particular client’s Game Plan for Aging™ may include powers of attorney, health care directives, trusts and other tools to help a client and chosen caregivers to manage affairs over sometimes long periods of disability.  Since issues concerning disability often involve aspects of diverse professional disciplines, our disability planning team often includes not only attorneys, but also occupational therapists, social workers, insurance professionals, and financial professionals who all work to develop an individualized, comprehensive Game Plan for Aging™ for a client.