David W. Wick, Esquire

Mr. Wick, our founder, mentor, and senior team member has provided legal services to individuals, families, and small businesses for more than 30 years.  He has helped clients obtain government benefits, advocated on behalf of clients during appeals of Medical Assistance denials, trained lawyers and other professionals in elder law, and engaged in nearly all aspects of estate planning and estate administration.  Dave has experience obtaining government benefits for clients, preparing and administering all kinds of trusts, wills, and estate planning, representing clients in conservatorship and guardianship proceeding, planning for social security benefits, and representing clients in financial exploitation cases.  While working with his elderly mother, David W. Wick gained significant insights of the often difficult family dynamics that can make communication difficult in elder care situations.  Besides his law degree, Dave has a Master’s of Business Taxation and brings a unique tax savings perspective to enhance our firm’s elder law planning and advocacy services.

Mr. Wick, who received his Bachelor of Arts from Cornell College, his law degree from the University of Iowa, College of Law and his Masters of Business Taxation from the University of Minnesota, is a former Lecturer in the Graduate School at the University of Minnesota.  He has written several published articles on various planning techniques and developed a proprietary Game Plan for AgingTM that provides a foundation for individualized elder-care plans for clients concerned with future incapacity.

Besides his elder law practice, Mr. Wick has helped families, entrepreneurs, and small businesses save hundreds of thousands of dollars in estate and gift taxes through different types of trusts and estate plans, and assisted entrepreneurs transfer their business in tax advantaged ways to the next generation.  Mr. Wick is always patient with his clients and is passionate that they understand the workings of their Game Plan for Aging, their estate plan or business transition plan.